The Sustainable Finance Research Platform aims to support a successful sustainability transformation.

How can financing conditions be created that foster investments in sustainability and promote a long-term restructuring of capital flows? What are the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and the transition it requires? What is relevant sustainability information and how can we make it so that players in the financial and real economy benefit from communicating this information transparently?

Current topics

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Mit der Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will die Europäische Union einheitliche Standards für Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung etablieren.

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  • Das Bild zeigt eine junge Pflanze in zwei Händen. Statement

    Germany introduces a comprehensive sustainable finance plan

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  • Publications

    • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Risks and Opportunities

      PB 9/2021: The EU sustainable finance strategy – Implications for the future German Federal Government

      The EU’s revised sustainable finance strategy confirms the important role of the financial sector in the sustainability transition of the economy, but does not sufficiently…

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    • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting

      PB 8/2021: Why it would be important to expand the scope of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and make it work for SMEs

      Since the introduction of the NFRD in 2014, demand for sustainability information has significantly increased, but actual sustainability reporting has not kept up. Thus, the…

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    • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting

      PB 7/2021: What information is relevant for sustainability reporting? The concept of materiality and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

      Today, the demand for companies to disclose non-financial information is driven by a keen interest of a wide range of institutions, including governments, financial supervisory…

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    • Policy Brief, Sustainability Risks and Opportunities

      PB 5/2021: Scenario Analysis as a Tool for Companies, Investors, and Regulators on the Path to Climate Neutrality

      The structural transformation necessary for achieving climate neutrality is characterized by many interdependent changes. Shaping the transition to a zero-emissions economy cannot be based on…

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    • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting

      PB 2/2021: Investors Face Challenges with Corporate Carbon Emissions Data – Call for a Mandatory Disclosure Regulation

      In this policy brief, we discuss the importance, availability, and quality of carbon data to investors who wish to mitigate climate change. In the absence…

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