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Das Projekt

The Sustainable Finance Research Platform is a joint project between five German research institutions that is funded by Stiftung Mercator.

With their independent research, the project partners aim to support stakeholders in politics, the financial sector, and the real economy in understanding and shaping the central role of capital markets in achieving a net-zero economy. The researchers involved answer social, political, and business-related questions, provide established and new research findings, and participate in political and public debate. They also want to establish sustainable finance as a topic in the German research landscape and secure connections with international institutes and processes.

Partner institutions

External project partners

Management Board

The Management Board decides on the Sustainable Finance Research Platform’s strategic direction. The monthly board meetings are presided over by the current chair and the project coordinator.

Das Foto zeigt Christian Klein

Prof. Dr. Christian Klein

University of Kassel
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E-Mail: klein@uni-kassel.de
Das Foto zeigt Kerstin Lopatta

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Lopatta

University of Hamburg
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E-Mail: kerstin.lopatta@uni-hamburg.de
Das Foto zeigt Ulf Moslener.

Prof. Dr. Ulf Moslener

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

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Das Foto zeigt Karsten Neuhoff.

Prof. Karsten Neuhoff, Ph.D.

DIW Berlin

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E-Mail: kneuhoff@diw.de
Das Foto zeigt Marco Wilkens.

Prof. Dr. Marco Wilkens

University of Augsburg
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E-Mail: marco.wilkens@wiwi.uni-augsburg.de

Dr. Alexandra Hüttel

DIW Berlin
Project Coordinator
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E-Mail: ahuettel@diw.de

Advisory Board