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Prof. Dr. Marco Wilkens

Marco Wilkens holds the Chair of Finance and Banking at the University of Augsburg. His research in the field of sustainable finance focuses on the impact of sustainable financial products, especially investment funds, the quantification and management of risks in connection with the transformation process of the economy towards the green economy, and climate change-related scenario analyses in the risk management of the financial industry.

  • Policy Brief

    PB 10/2021: Equity portfolio divestment leads to lower CO2 emissions

    To achieve climate goals, financial flows must be redirected from climate-damaging to climate-friendly economic activities. A key approach is divestment, i.e., the systematic sale of…

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  • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting

    PB 2/2021: Investors Face Challenges with Corporate Carbon Emissions Data – Call for a Mandatory Disclosure Regulation

    In this policy brief, we discuss the importance, availability, and quality of carbon data to investors who wish to mitigate climate change. In the absence…

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