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Prof. Dr. Christian Klein

Christian Klein is a professor of Sustainable Finance at the University of Kassel. His research interests include the investment behavior of sustainable investors, characteristics ofsustainable investments as well as the effect of sustainability on the capital market and the associated framework. He is particularly interested in measuring the contribution that sustainable investment products could make on the road to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (impact).

  • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting

    PB 4/2022: Key observations about the open EU consultation on the functioning of the EU ESG ratings market

    The European Commission has launched a consultation on the functioning of the ESG ratings market in the European Union and on the consideration of ESG…

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  • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting

    PB 3/2022: Raising transparency through TCFD-aligned climate reporting

    The availability of consistent and comparable climate-related information is a decisive factor in considering the effects of climate change for business and investment decisions. The…

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  • Policy Brief

    PB 10/2021: Equity portfolio divestment leads to lower CO2 emissions

    To achieve climate goals, financial flows must be redirected from climate-damaging to climate-friendly economic activities. A key approach is divestment, i.e., the systematic sale of…

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  • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Risks and Opportunities

    PB 9/2021: The EU sustainable finance strategy – Implications for the future German Federal Government

    The EU’s revised sustainable finance strategy confirms the important role of the financial sector in the sustainability transition of the economy, but does not sufficiently…

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