Das Foto zeigt Martin Rohleder.

PD Dr. Martin Rohleder

Martin Rohleder is “Akademischer Rat” (dt.) and research associate at the Chair of Finance and Banking at the Faculty of Business Administration Economics of the University of Augsburg. He is also a member of the Center for Climate Resilience at the University of Augsburg. His research focuses on whether and how the capital market and its participants can contribute to climate change mitigation. To this end, Martin Rohleder studies in particular the role of collective investments such as equity funds as well as the preferences and behavior of fund investors and fund managers.

  • Policy Brief

    PB 10/2021: Equity portfolio divestment leads to lower CO2 emissions

    To achieve climate goals, financial flows must be redirected from climate-damaging to climate-friendly economic activities. A key approach is divestment, i.e., the systematic sale of…

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  • Scientific publication

    Journal of Banking & Finance: The effects of mutual fund decarbonization on stock prices and carbon emissions

    This study seeks to determine whether mutual fund decarbonization affects the stock prices of divested firms and contributes to the reduction of these firms’ carbon…

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