Das Foto zeigt Karol Kempa.

Dr. Karol Kempa

Karol Kempa is a post-doctoral researcher at the Economics Department of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and member of the research group at the FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance. His main research areas are environmental and energy economics. Currently, he works on the assessment of sustainability risks and opportunities by the financial sector and the role scenario analysis that can provide comparable and robust information on these risks.

  • Policy Brief, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Risks and Opportunities

    PB 9/2021: The EU sustainable finance strategy – Implications for the future German Federal Government

    The EU’s revised sustainable finance strategy confirms the important role of the financial sector in the sustainability transition of the economy, but does not sufficiently…

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  • Policy Brief, Sustainability Risks and Opportunities

    PB 5/2021: Scenario Analysis as a Tool for Companies, Investors, and Regulators on the Path to Climate Neutrality

    The structural transformation necessary for achieving climate neutrality is characterized by many interdependent changes. Shaping the transition to a zero-emissions economy cannot be based on…

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