Das Foto zeigt Tanja Ohlson.

Tanja Ohlson

Tanja Ohlson is a postdoctoral research associate in the School of Business, Economics, and Social Science at the University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on impact investing, particularly on shareholder engagement for sustainability and communication of and about social and environmental impact. Among others, as a scientific advisor, she supports Professor Busch in his role as a member of the Federal Government’s steering committee of the Climate Protection Science Platform. The latter is set out to make suggestions for improvements to the recent Climate Action Program 2030 and monitor the latter’s implementation. She holds an affiliation with the Said Business School of the University of Oxford, where she is in the final stages of her Doctorate. At the University of Oxford, she is a member of New College, which awarded her the Millman Scholarship, and is also affiliated with the Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation.